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Fastest way to build a custom website

Static site builders like Jekyll and Middleman offer a modern development environment (e.g. live editing, SASS, Webpack, etc), but are difficult to share with folks who would like a dashboard to edit content.

Vapid takes the best of static site builders and introduces the ability to have a dashboard with almost no extra effort.

Web Hosting

Battle-ready Hosting

CMSes have had a long history of battling security and uptime. Vapid offers a simple and secure platform that can withstand the rigors of anything that's thrown at it, giving every site enterprise-quality web hosting.
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Constrained by Design

Vapid has only a few core concepts and a handful of content types. This is purposeful: you can master it quickly, and build sites without continually referencing documentation.

Content Tags

If you’ve ever used Mustache or Handlebars, Vapid will be very familiar to you. Add template tags to your HTML and Vapid will automatically create input fields in the dashboard. There are 7 content types including HTML, images, and others.

{{body type=html}}



Sections are an organizational unit of Vapid. They allow you to group tags together, and display them under a separate dashboard link, other than General.

{{#section about}}
  {{body type=html}}

Contact Forms

Want to create an email contact form? No problem, just use the #form tag. It’s nearly identical to #section, except that it automatically creates an emailable form for you. Zero configuration required.

{{#form contact}}
  {{message long=true}}

Read the docs

Get Started

If you're interested in kicking the tires and are comfortable with dev environments, then install the app via these terminal commands.

This is a great way to get familiar with the app, and prep your site(s) for deploying on the Vapid hosted service.

npm install -g @vapid/cli
vapid new path/to/project/folder
cd path/to/project/folder
vapid start


Start with a free trial. We don't collect credit card information until you're ready to share your website with the public. From there, you can pick from one of the plans below to suit your needs.


$7per month

Best for individuals or companies that want the ease and security of hosting one website with Vapid.

• 1 website
• 10 GB bandwidth


$15 per month

Best for individuals who have multiple websites, or designers who want to share previews with their clients.

• 5 websites
• 50 GB bandwidth

Small Business

$35 per month

Best for designers or small agencies that have multiple properties, or host client websites.

• 20 websites
• 200 GB bandwidth

Need more than the Small Business plan? No problem.
We also offer an Agency plan for $200 per month, which includes unlimited websites.

Want to host a Vapid site yourself?
No problem, you can self-host on any platform that supports Node.js.